Don't Take Everything

If you plan to move while your home is still listed for sale, you may face a marketing challenge - the vacant home.  While lived-in homes may be more attractive during showings, there is much you can do to present your vacant property successfully.
On the outside, give your home an occupied look by asking a neighbor to park their car in your driveway, open and close your drapes, and retrieve any mail that still arrives.  During the warm season, have a lawn service maintain the yard (in the winter, a snow removal service may be in order).
On the inside, create a sense of space by leaving some strategically placed pieces of furniture, like a few chairs, tables and lamps.  You can create a "bed" by covering an empty mattress box or several moving boxes with a thick comforter.
If you remove furniture that reveals blemishes on the walls, repair and repaint those.  If you notice that the carpeting is faded after you've moved furniture, consider replacing it if possible.
Keep it feeling pleasant indoors during all seasons by keeping your power on after you move, and having a neighbor or family member set the temperature at a minimum comfortable setting according to seasonal conditions.
Your agent will have even more suggestions for marketing a vacant home, so put that experience to good use!